Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Impressions

First impressions are important in everything and certainly our home is no exception. While skimming through some photos from my favorite magazine, Veranda, I came upon this Spanish Colonial Revival style Bougainvillea entrance by designer Kathryn Ireland. Notice how her choice of aquas for accent allow the pinks of the flowers and the red of the walkway "pop".

When choosing colors for front doors it is important to decide what you want the focus to be. If it is to be the door then go for bold color. Personally, I am always a sucker for a beautiful shiny red door for example. If, however, as in this instance, you want to calm down other colors already present at the entrance go for something more soothing such as aquas or blue tones. Black or deep purples would also be a good choice. Black doors add a stately elegance to your entrance like no other color.

Note too the pull cord on the bell and the lantern light which add unique interest and help to balance out the heaviness of the Bougainvillea on the opposite side. The pots are the final touch to anchor the door. They are also a great way to reintroduce the beautiful aqua color used on the door. These pots are quite large. Anything smaller would be lost in the scale of things. When you are working with large heavy vines and trees it is important to keep the scale of your accent pieces in proportion. Notice also that the pots are empty so as not to compete with the Bougainvillea vine. Anything more would be too much. Definitely in this case the Bougainvillea deserves most of the attention!

One final caution. If your door is not pristine to begin with, you may want to choose a finish less glossy such as an eggshell. High gloss finishes are gorgeous when applied carefully, but will show each and every divot and imperfection. Make no mistake, a satin finish still has quite a bit of shine but may be a good compromise if you are feeling uncertain about your choice.

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